Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Winning Performance in Golf.

Furiously Frustrated is what I describe about my Golfing experience. Of course, by judging from the above statement, I cannot be performing too good. Hey! Look! that is actually not the problem. You see! I may have a few good swing in between whole lot of lousy ones, then out of a sudden another good swing few days later. It is worst than predicting stock market movement and my women's mood.

Looking at the small little white ball, I always ask myself, "is it that difficult to bring it up cruising in the open sky ?" There is only one point, that is the only point which I need to hit on the ball. Every time, I just have to hit on the same point, that is it. I have to admit my disability of performing the task---- I always hit it when I least expecting it (that means out of a sudden) or not even anywhere near to it (embarrassing).

I have practised hard and tried to be consistent by observing the following:

Consistent posture, gripping position, elbow bending angle, feet positioning, strength and acceleration of the swing, head position, width of my waist line, my attire, my mood swing, my calmness, clear mind, practise, practise and practises ........ although there is only one point on that Golf Ball, but I just not any good for it. Therefore, I know the champion is really a champion, they have something different, may be that is what I call feeling (or gifted).

Can I call that point, ----- Point of Winning Performance or Winning tip ? or something else for a Winning Performance.

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