Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winning Performance --- Continuation

Before the story goes on, I think there are two items need clarification. The clarification is meant to smoothe the story transition for the readers. The first item is the Fish Bone Chart. According to my sequence of event, the Fish Bone Chart supposes to be on stage a little later. Therefore, I will leave the explanation and elaboration till later on (with the actual Fish Bone Chart complete with solutions of course).

The second item is the Dell Computer box (for those who is reading the story for the first time, please refer to my previous post title of A story). Actually, this is kind of embarrassing for me; it is my stupid untidy habit. To be very frank, I cannot write anything properly since school days. What I am trying to say is --- I cannot sit properly and face the proper equipment like computer or writing pad then begin my writing or solving homework problems. My body needs mobility in order to shake up my head to work. Kind of weird person, am I?

Usually my writing or problem solving comes in two phases. First is the idea or inspiration then secondly is the real production.

The first phase comes like lighting. It comes without regular triggering point or observable trend, except one, it comes fast and it goes fast. Ah! I am talking about my writing, not the other thing.

Can anyone remember those instances when we are holding a full cup of hot coffee by the ear of the cup; Well! That is how I behave when the lighting of inspiration strikes. At that spur of a moment, I freeze my entire body except my arm. Abrupt or strong movement will distinguish the light in my mind. Within the radius of my arm’s length, I will grasp anything which looks like writing material. Then I scribble on it as fast as I am able to while the video in my mind slowly vanishing, like computer screen switches from normal to power save mode. Those spikes of images can well be a new writing inspiration or solution to a specify problem. It is something which I have been cracking recently or quite recently without a satisfactory ending yet. I cannot effort to lose that inspiration because it is hard for the lighting to strike on the same spot second round.

I have more than one box of collection besides the Dell Computer box. I figure that sometime in the near future I may need them.

And! No Shit! This time I really need them.

For a few nights, I have been working on the same thing. I take out every piece of those papers from that Dell Computer box; display them according to sequence of time line on the floor, just like solving a puzzle game with my daughter. Then I close my eyes as if I am the master of meditation while recollection of events is intensely in progress. This time, I properly write down whatever I can recall through relating every rubbish looking paper.

All start three and half years ago, my son still weights 50 Kg, 8 years old, 135 cm height, barely swim, ------------------------------------------------

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winning Performance --- A Story

I have three kids, the second obese son has broken himself from a 3 years cocoon and became a handsome slim National Record holder in fifty meters back stroke for age twelve, another hundred meters back stroke event is only less than a quarter second away from the existing record.

How has he done that from an obese boy? That is an obvious question which needs an answer. I am as eager as anyone else to know the exact answer base on one simple realistic fact --- to duplicate the performance on my eight years old youngest son; because that performance title comes along with a super goodie bag. One of the special items inside is DSA. DSA stands for Direct School Entry. That means the top best Secondary School (Or high school) will reserve a place for him. This is the best stress relieve antidote for both parents and children.

Whenever I am faced with the question, my mind does not seem to work well. The problem is not that I do not have an answer; actually the answers are the problem. In-fact massive answers line up to web my mind of sea till a few pieces of different colour fish nets entangle together. The harder I try, the situation gets worst.

Until one day my wife carries a Dell Computer box to me, the box contains of some sort of rubbish looking paper, old planner and diary. After that she follows up with a standard household statement like any other places, “Do you want this or not, or else I throw them away.”

Out from nowhere, suddenly a glimpse of light strike across my mind and disappear in my mind of darkness again, it happens when I see a piece a paper. It is half a piece of serviette from MacDonald and large portion of it has been lightly stained with some kind of light dark liquid. On the serviette is a Fish Bone Chart. Fish Bone Chart is one of the problems solving technique employ by QCC (Quality Control Circle) in factory production line. The Fish Head indicates the problem which to be solved. I can clearly see the problem that is identified on this particular Fish Bone Chart ----- it is written as to swim faster. Now, easily, one piece of those fish net manages to disengage from the messy entanglement and swim swiftly by itself in my sea of mind. Finally, I have systematically retrieved part of the memory and recalled when, where, why and how the fish bone charts is created.

“Are you listening, I am talking to you.” Another standard household statement.

I receive the box quietly and hope that no pieces have been missing from this puzzle box.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winning Performance --- Spirit Lifter

Travelling is part of my job requirement few years ago; I don’t really mind the high frequency of travel. In-fact, I treat it as a free runaway trip from reality. During the freight, I will have a glass of wine and a good story book accompany by friendly smile from air hostess. Hey! What more would I demand as an employee during office hour.
Oh Yah! Almost have forgotten; I can also switch off my cell phone officially and becomes UNTOUCHABLE ---- Oh man! isn’t that great ?

But, this time is different despite the usual last minute notice. Tomorrow is my eight years old daughter’s birthday party. This is her first birthday party which I have promised since her memory begins. She has not stop talking about it since the day I have decided. For me, I just can’t wait to see her delightful happiness radiating like a little fairy during the party. Looking at her, I know that whatever words come out from my mouth right now will be simply excuses to her. I am totally speechless that night before I leave home for airport. I apologize for not able to describe her at that particular moment because this is one thing which I would not like it to surface in my mind during my lifetime.

In the airport, I desperately look for some interestingly fresh event in order to overwrite the recent unwanted memory. I have a good meal all by myself, a good drink in the transit area all by myself, looking at pretty girls passing by all by myself, cigarette one after another all by myself. The passionately stubborn feeling still surrounds me with the company of nicotine odour from my apparel. Habitually I put my hand into the hand carrier searching for my usual story book, Oh shit ! book! where is my book ? I have forgotten it.

No, I will go insane or turn into werewolf before next touch down which is almost twenty hours from now. Ten minutes before last call, I run quickly to the nearest bookshop and pick up a thin volume of my trusted author Jeffery Archer, A Prison Diary, Volume 1 HELL. Then I check in.

In the cabin, I aimlessly flipping the pages while my mind is fighting it’s own battle. Until the lines from the Invictus gradually becomes the officer in command for me, my mind and my passionately stubborn feeling. For nearly an hour, I continually reciting the Invictus in my mind until I regain control of the entire army of myself.

Thanks to the Invictus to give me such a lift when I am falling.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I think whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have not winced or cried aloud,
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this places of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade.
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul

William Ernest Henley (1849 – 1903)

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Winning Performance --- Michael Phelps

That night before dropping my head on the bed shortly after my butt, my 13 years old daughter who has been reading my blog said: ‘ Daddy, Michael Phelps and Olympic have all the front pages, do they trigger you somehow, I thought is quite related to your topic.”

Yes! Sure! There are thousands of people chasing after either one of these objectives, to win or not to win; none of them will be empty handed anyway. My family are Michael Phelps fan; we have been following him very closely in whatever ways except physical. Especially -- my second son who is also a swimmer himself. My son has a good struggling about his swimming manoeuvre also, but I need some time to organise his material before writing.

Now back to Phelps, he is not only a winner to me, he is a consistent winner.
Look here! To win is already a difficult task.
Than, how about this? Winning all the time. Oh! My goodness ---

While everyone else is struggling for just a fraction of it, he holds the whole with a confident smile. His record has somehow enlightened me that point to winning is a reality.

I believe it takes time and great effort to reach that point, even Mighty Michael does not appear suddenly in the air.
The summit is an atmosphere of joyful fulfilment with thousands of careful and cruel steps along the way.
The glorious moment will not shine the newspaper for our kind today if he has decided to quit swimming in the last Olympics. Luckily! He allows us to share his dream.

Looking at the front page with Phelps picture, some words just keep tickling my mind:

He is what he is OR He makes what he is.

I wish I know --------

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winning Performance ------ Jodo Philosophy

Every Saturday I sneak to Jodo class while my parents are expecting me to be sited safely in some sort of remedial lesson. At the age of 12 years old, my mind is fresh and open to new thoughts. Somehow, the First lesson form the Judo Instructor has not vanished, it is like frog's egg in the pond, it becomes visible whenever the water is stirred.

Been a trainer in Police Academy, the instructor has delivered the openning speech in his unusual style,--- "Judo is about throwing your opponent on the floor ok, before you learnt how to throw ok, you must learnt how to fall ok. Only those able to stand up without injuries ok, they stand a chance to be the winner ok. This lesson is know as BREAK-FALL ok." At that time, never in my mind that the simple Judo teaching has extended its tentacles like octopus into many area of my life later on. Somehow the Prophecy has came true in other ways. Falling actually make one stronger if they are able to stand up. (I will elaborate this in later posts because there is no direct relation to this story) The instructor continues, "The basic of falling is don't be afraid, this is part of the game ok, don't resist the fall , accept it naturally ok, protect your weakness ok, relax your body, let go your mind and enjoy the fall ok, because the battle is waiting for you."

My story is pretty obvious at this moment, it is not about winning. As a matter of fact, losing is today's subject. Hey! come on! you mean after those bullshit! we are talking about losing. Anyway, who the hell on earth like to be defeated, like the feeling of a loser, like all your friend to comfort you like a little baby, like to stick their head like an ostrich, ----------.

Exactly, the winner don't need all those, winner can handle winning anytime, winner is overjoyed. We don't have to talk about handling winning situation. Like money, you don't have to teach anyone from any age group on how to spend, but earning is the problem.

We have to accept the reality that without a Loser, there is no Winner. It is part of the game.
I always re-phrase those word like prayer whenever I fall ------ " The basic of losing is don't be afraid, this is part of the game ok, don't resist losing, accept it naturally ok, protect your weakness ok, relax your body, let go your mind and enjoy the lose ok, because the battle is waiting for you."

I have not won in my Judo class, it is exposed after I have fractured my arm (See, if you cannot fall properly), my parents have put it to a stop.

Back to my initial post again, is this the point of Winning Performance ? Can I call this BREAK-LOSE or LOSE-PROOF ?

Ok ! I have not continued my Judo, I have not done well in Golf --- . what next!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Winning Performance in Golf.

Furiously Frustrated is what I describe about my Golfing experience. Of course, by judging from the above statement, I cannot be performing too good. Hey! Look! that is actually not the problem. You see! I may have a few good swing in between whole lot of lousy ones, then out of a sudden another good swing few days later. It is worst than predicting stock market movement and my women's mood.

Looking at the small little white ball, I always ask myself, "is it that difficult to bring it up cruising in the open sky ?" There is only one point, that is the only point which I need to hit on the ball. Every time, I just have to hit on the same point, that is it. I have to admit my disability of performing the task---- I always hit it when I least expecting it (that means out of a sudden) or not even anywhere near to it (embarrassing).

I have practised hard and tried to be consistent by observing the following:

Consistent posture, gripping position, elbow bending angle, feet positioning, strength and acceleration of the swing, head position, width of my waist line, my attire, my mood swing, my calmness, clear mind, practise, practise and practises ........ although there is only one point on that Golf Ball, but I just not any good for it. Therefore, I know the champion is really a champion, they have something different, may be that is what I call feeling (or gifted).

Can I call that point, ----- Point of Winning Performance or Winning tip ? or something else for a Winning Performance.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Winning Performance in ----------

Does Winner has something in common ?
Does performance has it's way ?

What make a Winning Performance in Academic, sports like Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Soccer or just a game of Chess ------------ anything that we are pursuing ?

Is there a point where the Winning Performance lies ?
If there is, let me just address this point as Winning Tip at this moment.
So, Geometrically, a plane must be existed in order to hold that point.

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