Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Winning Performance --- The Starter

3year ago……………………

In my country, additional curriculum seems to be pretty normal requirement for kids range from nursery to teenagers. After 5 days of hectic work as an Engineering Manager, I switch to become a rather relaxing chauffeur on weekend. I simply drive my kids from classes to classes. Saturday morning till 2pm afternoon is piano and art class, follow by a tuition class from 4pm to 6pm. Sunday morning is the leisure swimming class, afternoon is Mental Mathematic class. As parents, we feel kind of satisfying for our able in affordability and the children’s able in learning too.
Unfortunately, it does not turn out to what we have been expecting by the look of everything. Firstly decline academic performance despite of numerous tuitions, dragging attitude in the additional curriculum.

My wife and I have therefore derived a conclusion that the kids are probably too tire. The ways to turn the situation around is to cut activities and channel the energy into compulsory Academic area. The kids can have a choice of their interest to retain one additional curriculum. My daughter has chosen piano, my son has chosen swimming.

One day, I have reached home a little late after couple of drinks with usual faces in the PUB. My son walk to me with a piece of paper and say,” Daddy, teacher ask me to join the inter-primary school Swimming Competition.” Looking at his wobbling belly while he is talking, I simply reply without any feeling for sincerity. But, Anyway, I have received my own “Karma” for such lousy behaviour, I give up the entire drinking activity in order to fetch him for swimming training for five evenings a week, till now, I am actually writing by the pool side. Can anyone imagine that?

At first, I figure that everything will be over after the competition, than all the undesirable scene is only fragment of memory images from the nightmare. But I have seriously underestimated the power of masculine nature which every male has inherited from our dominating forefather on their land --- the desire to win.
Obviously, my son has inherited those from me too. His hidden craving to be winner has surfaced during the first training …………………….

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