Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winning Performance --- A Story

I have three kids, the second obese son has broken himself from a 3 years cocoon and became a handsome slim National Record holder in fifty meters back stroke for age twelve, another hundred meters back stroke event is only less than a quarter second away from the existing record.

How has he done that from an obese boy? That is an obvious question which needs an answer. I am as eager as anyone else to know the exact answer base on one simple realistic fact --- to duplicate the performance on my eight years old youngest son; because that performance title comes along with a super goodie bag. One of the special items inside is DSA. DSA stands for Direct School Entry. That means the top best Secondary School (Or high school) will reserve a place for him. This is the best stress relieve antidote for both parents and children.

Whenever I am faced with the question, my mind does not seem to work well. The problem is not that I do not have an answer; actually the answers are the problem. In-fact massive answers line up to web my mind of sea till a few pieces of different colour fish nets entangle together. The harder I try, the situation gets worst.

Until one day my wife carries a Dell Computer box to me, the box contains of some sort of rubbish looking paper, old planner and diary. After that she follows up with a standard household statement like any other places, “Do you want this or not, or else I throw them away.”

Out from nowhere, suddenly a glimpse of light strike across my mind and disappear in my mind of darkness again, it happens when I see a piece a paper. It is half a piece of serviette from MacDonald and large portion of it has been lightly stained with some kind of light dark liquid. On the serviette is a Fish Bone Chart. Fish Bone Chart is one of the problems solving technique employ by QCC (Quality Control Circle) in factory production line. The Fish Head indicates the problem which to be solved. I can clearly see the problem that is identified on this particular Fish Bone Chart ----- it is written as to swim faster. Now, easily, one piece of those fish net manages to disengage from the messy entanglement and swim swiftly by itself in my sea of mind. Finally, I have systematically retrieved part of the memory and recalled when, where, why and how the fish bone charts is created.

“Are you listening, I am talking to you.” Another standard household statement.

I receive the box quietly and hope that no pieces have been missing from this puzzle box.

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