Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winning Performance --- Continuation

Before the story goes on, I think there are two items need clarification. The clarification is meant to smoothe the story transition for the readers. The first item is the Fish Bone Chart. According to my sequence of event, the Fish Bone Chart supposes to be on stage a little later. Therefore, I will leave the explanation and elaboration till later on (with the actual Fish Bone Chart complete with solutions of course).

The second item is the Dell Computer box (for those who is reading the story for the first time, please refer to my previous post title of A story). Actually, this is kind of embarrassing for me; it is my stupid untidy habit. To be very frank, I cannot write anything properly since school days. What I am trying to say is --- I cannot sit properly and face the proper equipment like computer or writing pad then begin my writing or solving homework problems. My body needs mobility in order to shake up my head to work. Kind of weird person, am I?

Usually my writing or problem solving comes in two phases. First is the idea or inspiration then secondly is the real production.

The first phase comes like lighting. It comes without regular triggering point or observable trend, except one, it comes fast and it goes fast. Ah! I am talking about my writing, not the other thing.

Can anyone remember those instances when we are holding a full cup of hot coffee by the ear of the cup; Well! That is how I behave when the lighting of inspiration strikes. At that spur of a moment, I freeze my entire body except my arm. Abrupt or strong movement will distinguish the light in my mind. Within the radius of my arm’s length, I will grasp anything which looks like writing material. Then I scribble on it as fast as I am able to while the video in my mind slowly vanishing, like computer screen switches from normal to power save mode. Those spikes of images can well be a new writing inspiration or solution to a specify problem. It is something which I have been cracking recently or quite recently without a satisfactory ending yet. I cannot effort to lose that inspiration because it is hard for the lighting to strike on the same spot second round.

I have more than one box of collection besides the Dell Computer box. I figure that sometime in the near future I may need them.

And! No Shit! This time I really need them.

For a few nights, I have been working on the same thing. I take out every piece of those papers from that Dell Computer box; display them according to sequence of time line on the floor, just like solving a puzzle game with my daughter. Then I close my eyes as if I am the master of meditation while recollection of events is intensely in progress. This time, I properly write down whatever I can recall through relating every rubbish looking paper.

All start three and half years ago, my son still weights 50 Kg, 8 years old, 135 cm height, barely swim, ------------------------------------------------

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