Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winning Performance --- First Training Continuation

The coach has finally arrived in casual outfit and movement. There are about ten swimmers; I can hardly identify my son among the half naked children. Without introduction, opening ceremony, speeches or any forms of contact to my boy, the first swimmer has already dived into the pool and swum towards the other end. In a blink, the entire group has disappeared into the pool. Now, to spot him is multiply harder than before.

Fifteen minutes later, I finally see him cling to the side of the pool, but the scene only last for a short while, after that he has merged himself into the pool of swimmers again. The same routine repeats cyclically by the coach’s unmerciful whistle, I can only grasp him momentarily by luck while he is clinging for a breath. This is definitely comprehensible for me; I can never forget those choking, out of breath, near death experience during my initial training with one of the best college Water Polo team. At that time, I am nearly twenty years old and well build, he is only eight and obese.

Anxiously, I am dead worry about his condition and physical ability to deal with the intense training. “He is not going to make it, he is going to quit” I whisper to myself silently.
Suddenly, images in my mind flash like the slide projector during one of those presentation, an ultra fine feeling of delightful hope is present with my unnatural sense of smile hanging at the corner of my lips. “May be this is the first and last training.” I whisper again silently. I shall resume my original activities with a little effort like, psychological strategy, reinforcement by using computer game as incentive; in order to deliver my message that this place is definitely hell to him.
Lean back, light up a cigarette. That is my way of displaying accomplishment.

“Daddy…..” The training has done at last.
He is sloughing, flush, speechless…………as I am expecting.
“How? Enjoy your training?” I reply
Without responding, he walks straight to the shower room by dragging his belongings and steps. I wait patiently for him as if is waiting for lottery result to be released in a short while after my heavy betting. On the way home, I remain rather calm and steady, waiting for his move of complain, so that I can take my shot effectively and efficiently at one goal.
Finally, he has broken the silent air,”Daddy.., can you fetch me tomorrow again?”
“What….? “ Now, I am speechless. “What?.....aren’t you tire at all?” I cannot believe what has happened, even worst I cannot understand him.
“Of course tire! Almost dying, But I want to win that skinny boy, I must win him” he replies without hesitation at all.
Now, I am like rodeo cowboy riding on the horse back, neither quit nor proceed willingly. What else can I do at this moment except …………………

I have underestimated his power to be a winner; this is one of the important attributes for any competitor that I have realised in much later stage. This is definitely an advantage But ………

Believe me, this is not the deciding factor for his achievement, definitely not, we have something else, something more niche, something like ………………………

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