Sunday, September 7, 2008

Winning Performance --- First Training

During the first training, he has surfaced a corner of strong competing character. That is an enlightening evening for me, .........

That is a usual evening with unusual activity for me. I have traded my favourite dim, dark; confine space with cloudy smoke and beer for a bright, large, open space with fresh air and a bottle of mineral drink at the swimming pool. I am not sure weather this is a fair trade despite of the fact that it looks and feels much better from the PUB. I am doing it because I cannot find a good supporting reason to turn down. Upon reaching the swimming pool, I rigidly skirting my head hopefully to hear a couple of familiar voices shouting my name like usual. Obviously, my mind has not agreed to this new environment yet.

While I am figuring what is my next move, my son has already abandoned me for his friends. There are numerous parents looking creatures who look like me, they form in groups or some prefer to be undisturbed. Frankly, I am not in any mood to socialize at this moment, I just need an unoccupied corner to harbour after a hectic day. Anyway, it is kind of interesting and easy to identify those parents who have brought their child for training, probably due to the extremely emotionless boring zombie expression.

Randomly, I have chosen a location nearest to the pool, staring aimlessly into the three dimensional space, my sight is as diffusible as my mind. Perhaps, my only sensory apparatus which works concisely right now is my ear due to the performing orchestra; it is combined from splashing, whistling, children’s merry making, and coaches scolding. In order to run away from this terrible pursuer of boredom, my mind of fugitive is seeking busily with possible routes for fleeing. Choices of different routes continuously popping up then burst like bubble due to the fact that I am thirty minutes driving distance from the nearest populated market place.
This is a 3 hours training session for the next couple of weeks, it has not even started yet because we arrive fifteen minutes earlier. Naturally my attention has moved to focus on my only familiar figure…………………………

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